A Celebration of The Launceston Steam Railway..

This page on my website is a celebration of The Launceston Steam Railway and my way of saying thanks to Mr & Mrs Bowman and all the staff for making my visits such amazing experiences. The LSR runs through the beautiful Cornish countryside from Launceston to Newmills. The carriages are hauled by four Quarry Hunslet narrow gauge locomotives, all well over 100 years old. With the exception of Velinheli they have been restored and are maintained by the Bowmans. Velinheli being restored and cared for by her owner James Evans. For anyone interested in narrow gauge steam locomotives a visit to The Launceston Steam Railway is a must. You will not find a friendlier or more lovely place in which to enjoy these wonderful engines.


A special note of thanks to Mrs Bowman, who not only gave me free range of the engine shed to take pictures of Lilian but then let me hover around Dorothea while she was preparing her for the days work. I'd also like to mention and thank another very important member of the LSR Team, Reuben, the man who sells me my ticket and always makes me very welcome.


Since i first started this page i have been back to the LSR several times and have had the great good fortune to ride on the footplate with Kay & Nigel on both Lilian & Covertcoat (and now Dorothea) on numerous occasions. Nigel & James Evans have been kind enough to give me guided tours all over the railway which included the engine sheds, workshops and the 'Scrap Siding' (Nigel's words not mine!). They have also allowed me to take many pictures so hopefully on these pages you will see a side of the LSR not generally seen by the public.


March 27th 2016, Offical LSR Website updated.

September 6th 2015, Newmills page added.

June 23rd 2014, Dorothea has now been fully lined out, click the Dorothea link to see the result.

December 26th 2013, The Railway is officially 30 years old, see the 30th Anniversary link on the left.

August 21st 2013, Lilian is 130 years old today! Happy Birthday Lilian!!

Brilliant day today, August 1st 2013, got invited by James Evans to ride on Velinheli's footplate!

Got invited by Kay Bowman to ride on Lilian's footplate with her on my second visit, amazing!