Weeden 661

This is definitely going to be a challenge! A Weeden 661 from between 1937 and 1940.
The main engine frame is broken although i do have the pieces. Several of the flywheel
spokes are broken and the conrod is bent. Lots of work!

Here is the finished engine frame after it's rebuild. I made a jig to hold the upper and lower parts of the frame the
correct distance apart. Then superglued the side pieces in place just to hold them. Then i used Chemical Metal to
build up around the joints. I also had to make a new conrod end as the orignal disintigrated. It runs fine in both
forward and reverse on compressed air. The flywheel is a bit weak having several broken spokes plus a missing
one but hopefully having very little mass it will be ok.

Finally finished and not looking too shabby.

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