Regner Vincent

Latest addition to The Milford Hill Light Railway's locos, a Regner Vincent. The Vincent has a fairly unusual single
cylinder overtype engine driving through a chain and gear linkage. These pictures were taken straight out of the box.
Here's a video of it's very first steaming. Time for it's first run on track, video here and here. The Vincent is
the first steam loco to run on the new Milford Hill Light Railway, video here.

Vincent meeting Purdy for the first time. Good comparison shot showing the apparent difference in size between
the two locos. Although the Vincent looks slightly smaller they are actually very similar with Purdy's bodywork
making her appear larger.

The Vincent now how has a tender. Scratch built and modelled roughly on the tender built
for 'Lilian' one of The Launceston Steam Railway's Quarry Hunslets.

The first modification to the Vincent, a new flywheel. I never really like the original very much so one of the guys
in the machine shop where i work kindly turned up this very fine brass one.

A few more minor modifications. The rather tacky sidesheet stickers have gone as has the lower front buffer beam & supports.
The oversize pressure gauge has been moved lower down on the footplate which i think improves the look of the little loco no
end. When cleaning after a recent run i noticed the paint was begining to come off of the smokebox door, a lttle bit more work
with the cloth and it now looks like this! Not sure if i will re-paint it or leave as is.

The Vincent as it is today, October 2014.

I'd had the idea to fit a basic cab to the Vincent for a while, so here's the result.

One of the few things i dislike about Regners is cheap stick on name and number plates.
The Vincent now sports an etched brass nameplate.

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