Hoge Electric Steamless Engine No.355

This was discribed by the seller on ebay as a "Vintage Early German Steam Engine Display Toy Model". I don't think so!
I have no idea of the manufacturer but I think it is of American origin. The reason is that the the threads are UNC. It is
of course a solenoid engine although unfortunately the coil part of the solenoid was missing. I don't think the aluminium
chimney was part of the original engine.

My thanks to Jasper from the Office OF Steam Forum who has now identified this engine.

Video here.

Here it is stripped down to it's parts and as suspected, no solenoid.

I managed to find a suitable solenoid. It is slightly longer than the original so I will have to manufacture a new backplate.

Jasper from the Office Of Steam Forum found an auction on ebay for one of these engines which was complete with box.

By some incredibly lucky fluke I was able to find the missing contact breaker cover on ebay!!

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