Tony Bird's Railbus Project

Tony Bird got in touch with me recently and sent some pictures of a Railbus body which he intends to rebuild.
He has kindly sent me more pictures as he progresses so i thought i'd post them up here. Hopefully they will
provide a useful resource for anyone else attempting a Railbus rebuild.

This is the first pic Tony sent showing the Railbus body with his own battery powered one in the background.

This bogie was one Tony already had and has been modified to resemble the Locomotion bogies.

Some very fine aluminium buffers now fitted.

These next few images show the Railbus body completely disassembled into it's component parts.

Tony has treated the plywood with a dilute PVA solution and filled in the holes cut into the partitions.

Some progress with the roof.

The body is now back together.

The roof fixings (lamp holders) have been refitted and the roof painted and the first coat of paint has gone on the upper body.

Here is the chassis, Tony doesn't have any detailed drawings so has made this from what few pictures he has.
Interesting loco used for the test run :-)

The boiler & engine start to take shape.

Assembled body and chassis out on the test track.

Engine frames, cylinders and port blocks starting to take shape..

The chassis with port blocks and boiler support.

The chassis now has wheels.

Rear bogie and support.

Here is the metal part of the chassis including the boiler support mounted to the wooden chassis.

Production line!

Some new cab ends taking shape.

Original and new cab ends on the chassis.

One of Tony's own bodys, a shortened version of the Railcar

More bodies.

It's been a while but Tony has made a little more progress with his Railbus.

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