MK2 Solenoid Engine

This is the second Solenoid Engine that i have built, hence the MK2. After watching some of Tubalcain's excellent
videos on some of his Solenoid Engines i was inspired to build another one. This one is a bit more refined but is still
built out of scrap and spare parts i had lying around. Here we have some wood offcuts, an old Mamod flywheel,
scrap brass for the connecting rod, a Meccano crankshaft and the spare solenoid from the first engine. I did machine
up some brass bearings for the crankshaft.

Build video here. Follow up video here.

Tubalcain's Solenoid Engines can be found here

Crankshaft supports in place.

The solenoid mounting is simply a block of wood with a suitable hole drilled in it.

Simple brass bracket to support the microswitch breaker and the cam is an old Meccano pulley filed down.

Wiring in place, i have also added a simple bracket to stop the solenoid from moving back and forth. The screw that holds
bracket is in a slot so that the position of the solenoid can be adjusted. The Mamod flywheel simple wasn't heavy enough
so i've borrowed the brass flywheels i made for the Careast Steam engine. In this configuration the engine runs well but
looks a bit ungainly.

This is much more how the final engine will look. This is a flywheel from a Stuart 10V steam engine which i am restoring.
Not quite as heavy as the 2 brass flywheels but the engine runs fine with it. Just have to find something similar as a
permanent fit for this engine.

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