Chinese Hit and Miss Engine MK1

Something a little different, this is my first Hit and Miss Engine. Purchased new from Banggood, it's a very impressive bit of kit.
Machined aluminium castings anodised blue, the quality of the brass work is excellent. It comes with a fuel tank, a buzz box
(provides HT for the spark plug) and some spare parts. You need to mount it on a base so that there is clearence for the flywheels
and provide a 3.7 to 4.5 volts supply to the buzz box.

Videos here and here.

These are the parts i need to mount the engine, fuel tank and electrics.

Here's the finished item. There wasn't any way to connect the HT lead to the spark plug so i made a small spark
plug cap from some brass rod.

During the course of all the fiddling to get this to run i lowered the height of the fuel tank. In this position the
feed to the carburettor appears fine.

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